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EdgeWalking practitioners offer many diverse services.

At our first consultation we listen to your specific needs to discern the most appropriate person/s for your unique situation.


We look forward to serving you and your family.

Our first consultation is always free.

Advance Care Planning

Johanna Munson

End of Life Peace Plan

This service represents one of the foundational services Johanna offers. She brings a calm and empathetic energy to this important work. 

You want to rest easy knowing that:

  • your loved ones won't be left with a mess

  • the important decisions have been made

  • your wishes are documented and accessible 

  • important conversations have taken place

  • you can live life fully now because you completed the checklist 

Complete a thorough checklist covering the heart, soul, and mind of end of life planning, including:

  • 5 in-person or zoom sessions, 1 hour each

  • 3 hours of research/follow-up/phone or email support

  • Accountability check-ins


Additional hours may be reserved at $125/hour


Spiritual Guide & Energy Work

Kathryn Lafond

Spiritual Guidance

For over 25 years Kathryn has served her community as an Intuitive Energy Healer, health coach, spiritual guide, writer, and teacher of Wild Foods and Medicine classes. As an intuitive healer and medium, she has worked with clients throughout the country; at times accessing the desires of the comatose so families know preferred next steps. At other times, acting as doula for the living and/or dying.

Please connect with us to learn more about Kathryn's gifts and offerings, and how she can work with you and your loved ones.


End of Life Doula

Kathryn Lafond 
Danielle Gordon

End of Life Doula

As end of life doulas we honor final transitions by creating sacred space. We focus on our client's stated needs for a meaningful and dignified death experience, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. We help with many end of life issues including but not limited to: vigil sitting, creating ceremonies and
rituals, legacy project co-creation, emotional support and more. We sit quietly and respectfully alongside, and we offer What could make a difference today?. An end of life doula helps usher a person out of their life in a supportive and loving manner. They serve the family as well, much like a birth doula supports the mother and those around her.

End of Life Doulas will:

  • be fully present to the needs of the dying person and/or their family

  • talk with the person about dying and help them identify their fears and wishes

  • intuit, if necessary, unverbalized needs

  • create a comfortable physical space for the dying

  • use energy healing to bring relief from pain

  • monitor surroundings (seen and unseen) to encourage calm

  • help the dying person find meaning in their life and create a legacy such as letters, stories, special projects for those they leave behind

  • explore vulnerable and authentic conversations as they arise

  • help to prepare loved ones with education, assurance, guidance and loving support

  • offer respite to caregivers and loved ones

End of Life Doulas are not:
-medical practitioners
-licensed therapists

-after-death care providers
-able to provide legal or medical paperwork support
-housecleaners or cooks
-providers of plant medicine

The first consultation is free, and is a good time to delve deeper into understanding your needs and creating a custom service for you.

We offer various services in our End of Life Doula offerings that can  include vigil sitting, legacy and life review and more, so please connect with us to do this important and spiritually rich work.



Organizing & Downsizing

Melissa Blanchard

Home Organizing and Downsizing

Melissa would be honored to assist you in sorting through your years of acquisitions to create spaciousness in your home and within your mind so that you can spend your time on what really matters. She offers a caring, customized, non-judgmental approach to minimizing.


She offers the following 2024 rate packages to suit your individual needs:


3 hours @ $100 = $300

6 hours @ $90 = $540

9 hours @ $80 = $720


Packages include:


  • Removal, rehoming and donation of unwanted items to the organization of your choosing – think of this as a magic wand that makes it all disappear! (within a 20 mi radius or charged time towards package applies)

  • Creation of new systems that boost functionality and keep you on track moving forward.

  • Recommendations for products that fit within your budget and design aesthetic. 

  • Hiring of contractors and handy-people for building projects.

  • Email and text support between sessions.

  • Consignment services for your resale items valued above $100 (50% commission applies).

  • Active listening to all your cherished memories, challenges and so much more!


** Complimentary in-person consultations are 30-min of walking and talking throughout your home.

** Package purchase is required before scheduling of session(s). 

Please connect with us to learn more about how Melissa can work with you and your family. 



"After such a great experience working with Melissa, I asked if she works with people’s parents.


My mom and I are very close. As she aged, there has been an accumulation of things in her home that was making it cluttered and hard for her to manage.  Any time I would try to help my mom sort or clear out, it either became overwhelming or too emotional for her.


Melissa was so patient with her, helped with some of the tougher decisions and removed all of the no longer needed items after each session."
-Client, Poulsbo, WA

Book an initial consultation

Our first consultation is always free, we look forward to connecting with you
Tel: 206-825-9780
Serving Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap County, WA 

Thanks for reaching out to us!

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